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Civilian Brigade

We have an active Civilian Corps which is open to all civilian reenactors and civilians connected to units. The home-front and the civilians following the armies were a very important part of this time period. Without them, the food wouldn't have been grown, the children wouldn't have been raised, the manufacturing wouldn't have gotten done, the hospitals would not have been staffed, and much more.



Our town Blue Ridge Crossing, Kentucky is neither Northern or Southern, but adapts to all events. The civilian reenactors in our town can set up a household, display and demonstrate a trade or craft, or operate a school or period business. Others portray the many aspects of life that civilians endured during the years of 1860-1865. You can be a camp follower who might be a laundress, a cook, or a sutler.

White Flowers

Unit Commander

Regina Haynes

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